HIrsch ist wild - Winzerabend in der SChiffergesellschaft

Wine event with Christian Hirsch

2. Feb. 6.00 pm including 7 course menu

130,- €

Amuse Bouche: Calftatar and egg yolk on piquant quince jelly and baked caper | Appetizer: shrimp in passion fruit Vinaigrette with avocado and mango | Intermediate: chicken breast on raw asparagus salad with strawberries | Main course I: Duck 80 ° on pomegranate red wine sauce, goose liver confit, rosacea leaves and sweet potato stalk | Main course II: medallion and ragout of the deer with dark chocolate longpfee sauce, winter mushrooms, cherry red cabbage and butterspaetzle | Dessert: puff pastry heart with raspberry mascarpone ice cream and blueberry compote | Cheese: Selection from the Backensholzener farm cheese factory Friesisch Blue, husum and dipping cheese with black nuts, pears and thyme honey

Advance booking requested

SAOCO feat. Juan Capote

– on summer tour -

With great new songs in the luggage have the artists of the trio SAOCO feat. Juan Capote been traveling in Germany for the last 17 years.

Reserve your table at our service staff or call +49 451 – 7 67 76 in time to be able to dine in peace – and enjoy an evening full of Cuban rhythms.

You can experience SAOCO at the Schiffergesellschaft on the following Fridays from 6.00 pm:
June 30th | July 28th | August 25th

Early arrival or a timely reservation ensures the best places!