HIrsch ist wild - Winzerabend in der SChiffergesellschaft

Wine event with Christian Hirsch

2. Feb. 6.00 pm including 7 course menu

130,- €

Amuse Bouche: Calftatar and egg yolk on piquant quince jelly and baked caper | Appetizer: shrimp in passion fruit Vinaigrette with avocado and mango | Intermediate: chicken breast on raw asparagus salad with strawberries | Main course I: Duck 80 ° on pomegranate red wine sauce, goose liver confit, rosacea leaves and sweet potato stalk | Main course II: medallion and ragout of the deer with dark chocolate longpfee sauce, winter mushrooms, cherry red cabbage and butterspaetzle | Dessert: puff pastry heart with raspberry mascarpone ice cream and blueberry compote | Cheese: Selection from the Backensholzener farm cheese factory Friesisch Blue, husum and dipping cheese with black nuts, pears and thyme honey

Advance booking requested