Tagliatelle with grilled vegetables, pine nuts, grana padano and basil

15,50 €


with plucked smoked salmon, spinach, cherry tomatoes and cream sauce

16,00 €

Five Prawns

in garlic tomato sauce on fine ribbon noodles and salad

22,50 €

Holsteins Specialties

Holsteiner Matjes

Matjes from Holstein on apple-onion sour cream with fried potatoes

15,50 €

Vinegar-marinated meat

Vinegar-marinated meat in a jar with pickled cucumber and fried bacon potatoes

15,50 €

Herring Sweet and Sour

Sweet and sour pickled herring with onion rings and fried potatoes

15,50 €

Cpt's Lobscouse

Lobscouse of salted beef brisket, beetroot, onions and potatoes with sour side dish, fried egg and 1 Matjesfilet

17,90 €

Fishermans Bread

Crabs in herbal scrambled eggs with bacon and onions, black bread and butter

18,50 €