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open White Wines

Chardonnay QW

Winery Schneider & Pfaffmann/Pfalz - dry

Notes of lemon and melon, the scent of a flower meadow and a beautifully rounded finish with slight nutty flavors on the palate. A clear and at the same time full-bodied wine.

0,2 l7,-0,75 l26,-

"Gemischter Satz"

Winery Pfaffl, Niederösterreich - dry

"Gemischter Satz" used to be very common. In the vineyard, the grape varieties were planted mixed for risk reduction. Due to the focus on varietal wines, this particular type of wine unfortunately lost importance. Today it experiences a revival, as these individual wines show a special character.
Here, many elements work together to create a harmonious whole. This is how our "Gemischter Satz" came about.

0,2 l7,50,75 l27,5

Dr. L Riesling QW

Winery Dr. Loosen/Mosel – dry

Ernst Loosen and Riesling - a symbiosis of good taste. Fruity and elegant with juicy flavors of apple, peach and plum and an incredible touch of the exotic, it presents itself on the palate.

0,2 l7,-0,75 l26,-

White Burgundy QW

Winery Winning/Pfalz - dry

A Palatine with a French touch - elegant and rich in finesse with the flavors of apple and pineapple on the tongue. Delicate with beautiful minerality in a creamy finish. A Pinot Blanc with charm.

0,2 l7,-0,75 l26,-

Yellow Muscatel QW

Winery Lergenmüller / Pfalz - fine

The trendy Renaissance - impressively aromatic with characteristic fruit of elderberry and lychees in delicate enamel. Full-bodied with lots of extract and ripe acidity.

0,2 l7,-0,75 l26,-

Pinot Gris QW

Winery Juliane Eller, Rheinhessen - dry

A real jewel - juicy and elegant with the aromas of mango, pineapple and apricots in the clear taste. Fine herbal teas in stimulating mineral.

0,2 l7,50,75 l27,5

Scheurebe QW

Winery Juliusspital, Würzburg/Franken – off-dry

The Renaissance of a great deal of fruit - fragrant, juicy and tasty with opulent aromas of currant, Clementines and Kiwi.

0,2 l7,50,75 l27,5

Pinot Gris Cabinet Oktav

House of Wine Joachim Heger/Baden - dry

The showpiece of the house Hege - fruity fresh melon with subtle honey aromas and delicately tart, strong notes. Juicy, bred wealth.

0,2 l8,-0,75 l29,5

Green Veltlins "from the house"

Winery Pfaffl | Wine quarter DAC– dry

Green Veltliner at its best - fresh and juicy with voluptuous aromas of oranges, tangerines, peaches and apples in savory taste. Slightly spicy with a animating acid.

0,2 l7,-0,75 l26,-

Les Baronnes Sancerre AOC

Henri Bourgeois - dry

From the Valley of the Kings - deliciously fruity-accented with notes of grapefruit, gooseberry and citrus in fine minerality. Intensive on the tongue with vegetal notes.

0,2 l9,5 0,75 l35,5

Sauvignon Blanc

Vina La Rosa/Chile - dry

Refreshment from the Andes - juicy and tangy with the flavors of exotic fruits in savory taste. Fine herbal notes in a game of mineral and delicate acid - Sauvignon Blanc for every day.

0,2 l6,50,75 l23,5

White Wine Private Label

Bordeaux/France - dry

Fragrant fruit flavors of apricot, apple and exotic fruit delight the palate. A more palatable white wine of playful ease.

0,2 l6,50,75 l23,5

Via Vecchio

Provinco Italia SPA, Venetien - dry

Cuveé from Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay and Trebbiano.
Tastefully in the style of a Lugana. Fresh and fruity with exotic notes in delicate smoothness. Fine herbal notes with sweet hints of vanilla and honey.

0,2 l6,50,75 l23,5

Chenin Blanc

Waterfront/South Africa – dry

Wine delight from the Cape - fresh and sparkling with a hint of citrus in an elegant exotic. Slightly minerally with fine spicy notes in a subtle acidity.

0,2 l6,50,75 l23,5

11 ° Fish Wine Cuvée White

Winery Pfaffmann/Pfalz - dry

THE FISH MUST FLOAT - racy and sparkling white wine cuvee from Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris with an animating aromas of apples, peaches and exotic fruits with this wonderful hint of citrus in the juicy taste.
Fresh and fine mineral.

0,2 l7,50,75 l27,5

Riesling QW

Winery Schloss Vollrads/Rheingau – dry

A Riesling quality wine - complex and fresh with the stimulating fruit of apple and apricot in full taste. Fine minerality with a stimulating acidity.

0,75 l35,-

Pinot Gris QW

Winery Hermann Dönnhoff /Nahe – dry

A Pinot Gris from the premium league - powerful aromas of tropical fruits with a slight herbal note in a melting-nutty flavor.

0,75 l36,-

Sauvignon Blanc QW

Winery Bischel/Rheinhessen- dry

The Sauvignon Blanc by Christian and Matthias - fresh and complex with the flavors of passion fruit, papaya and gooseberry pampers the palate. Slightly peppery with hints of flint juicy on the finish - perfect enjoyment ..

0,75 l29,5

Chablis AC

Domaine Alain Geoffroy - dry

A Chablis - more than just Chardonnay. Round and powerful with fruity aromas of apricots, apples and citrus. Elegant, soft and rich.

0,75 l35,-

Ursprung Müller-Turgau QW

Winery Horst Sauer/Franken - dry

The new kind of wine from Franconia - fruity and aromatic with complex notes of ripe, yellow fruits in an invigorating white wine flavor.

0,75 l29,-

Misty Ocean Sauvignon Blanc

Marlborough/New Zealand - dry

A kiwi original - fruity and tasty with exotic fruit notes and aromas of lychee and gooseberry.
A juicy pleasure, slightly smoky, with fine minerality.

0,75 l29,-

Lugana Vigne Alte DOC

Cantina Fratelli Zeni/Venetien – dry

Wonderfully fresh and full-bodied with the delicate aromas of peach, orange and citrus, an intense taste experience.

0,75 l29,-

Chenin Blanc

Waterfront/South Africa – dry

Wine delight from the Cape - fresh and sparkling with a hint of citrus in an elegant exotic. Slightly minerally with fine spicy notes in a subtle acidity.

0,75 l23,5

open Rosés

Rosé Sophie Helene Cuveé QbA

Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Dornfelder | Winery Hammel/Pfalz - dry

Sparkling Rubinrosé - elegant fragrant aromas of red fruits, stimulating freshness.

0,2 l7,-0,75 l26,-

Les Baronnes Sancerre Rosé AC

Henri Bourgouis - dry

Sancerre rosé - distinct fruity notes of red berries and cherries in a juicy Rosé. Delicate with a hint of bitter almond and a fresh acidity.

0,2 l9,50,75 l36,-

Rose Wine Private Label

Bordeaux/France - dry

Delicate fruity Rosé enjoyment with addictive quality fresh and clear-structured with the aromas of raspberry and currant in a juicy taste.

0,2 l6,50,75 l23,5

open Red Wines

Dornfelder St. Annagut QbA

Winery Stefan Lergenmüller/Pfalz – dry

A strong and fruity Dornfelder with a particularly soft and velvety taste. Teen and charming with intense flavors.

0,2 l7,-0,75 l26,-

Pinot Noir QW

Vintners' cooperative Mayschoß-Altenahr/Ahr - semi-dry

Expressive and fruity with a fragrant bouquet - powerful aromas of sweet cherries and red currants characterize this fiery-red mild.

0,2 l7,50,75 l27,5

Dornfelder & Regent

Winery Sander, Mettenheim/Rheinhessen - semi-dry

Organic cultivation: Natural red winepower - mild and velvety with the rich aromas of red berries in a harmonious taste experience. Delicate spicy notes in soft tannins - deep dark pleasure.

0,2 l6,50,75 l23,5

Merlot di Paolo IGT

Cantine Sacchetto/Venetien - dry

Powerful and fleshy with stimulating aromas of ripe berries and cherries, it presents itself finely balanced on the palate. Typically spicy notes of coffee and chocolate in a sweet, caramel-roasted aroma.

0,2 l7,-0,75 l26,-

Barbera d’Alba DOC

Cantine San Silvestro/Piemont - dry

Fruity and complex with aromas of juicy - ripe currant cherry blackberries in a spicy structure. Silky and slightly sweet.

0,2 l7,-0,75 l26,-

Malbec los Cardos

Vina Dona Paula Argentina - dry

Malbec perfect - concentrated with the full fruit of cherry and prune. Appearing on the tongue velvety with a touch of herbs in the finish.

0,2 l6,50,75 l23,5

Privat Label Red Wine

Bordeaux/France - dry

Powerful fruit aromas of cherries, red berries and cassis combine to create an elegant dining experience. Red Wine Art with Tradtition.

0,2 l6,50,75 l23,5

Privat Label Lübecks Rotspon

Pays d'Oc IGP | H. F. Melle - dry

The Lübeck Rotspon is a rich, velvety red wine from southern France with a harmonious oak note and an intense aroma of cassis and dark berries. He is subtly dry flavor and goes well with meaty dishes.

0,2 l7,-0,75 l26,-

Baron de Ley Reserva Rioja DOCa

Tempranillo | Baron de Ley/Rioja - dry

Much Reserva from Rioja - powerfully with the ripe fruit of wild berries in a fine composition with hints of spices, licorice and sweet vanilla. Soft and compliant with fine-grained tannins.

0,2 l9,-0,75 l33,-

Barolo Riserva DOCG

Cantine San Silvestro/Piemont - dry

Wonderfully complex with the fruit of cherry and berries with notes of herbs, licorice and chocolate. Vanilla with soft tannins.

0,2 l10,50,75 l39,-

Filet Noir QW

Red wine cuvée from St. Laurent / Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot. - dry

St. Laurent offers the framework, gives the Cuveé a pleasant structure. Cabernet Sauvignon adds spice and depth. Merlot, on the other hand, completes the two strong partners, giving them fruit and velvety. A terrific partner for strong meat dishes with aromas of chocolate, tobacco and pepper.

0,2 l9,50,75 l36,-

Cabernet Sauvignon

Vina La Rosa/Chile - trocken

Latin America on the tongue - velvety and full-bodied with notes of cherries, cassis and berries in rich enjoyment. Oriental spices with notes of mint in smoky finale - Chile with enjoyment guaranteed.

0,2 l6,50,75 l23,5

Sidney Wilcox

Dried Shiraz / Australia - dry

Not only to beef - rich and powerful with complex flavors of ripe fruit, it presents itself in the glass. Spicy with notes of licorice and cinnamon in the sweet final - Australia's Ripasso.

0,2 l9,-0,75 l33,-

Gran Maestro

Italy - Puglia - dry

An Italian "classic" redefined - full fruity aromas of berries and cherries show up in a wonderful fruity sweetness. Velvety with delicate herbal notes in a finessreichen finals. Indulgence in the style of a Appassimento
Appassimento describes storing the grapes on straw mats to dry for 2-4 months. Traditionally, so the production of dessert wine Recioto Valpolicella was held.
The Amarone, dry and today became famous version of the Recioto, developed around 1930's.
50 years on the Amarone got a little brother, the Ripasso which arises by a further fermentation of Valpolicella red wine with the pomace, the pressed grape residues.
"Appassimento" wines are now also in other regions of Italy, such as Veneto and Puglia, produced.

And for large groups: the Magnum bottle
1,5l 49,-

0,2 l7,50,75 l27,5

Blue Zweigelt "from the house"

Winery Pfaffl/Austria/Wine quarter - dry

Full-bodied and dense with the juicy fruit of ripe cherries in the powerful body. Slightly smoky with a supple tannin structure.

0,75 l29,-

Pinot Noir AOC

Maison Louis Latour, Bourgogne - dry

Fine spices with the typical fruit of cherries, berries and figs velvety - soft pleasure - simple and yet complex.

0,75 l33,-

Kaapzicht Bin 3

Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinotage | Kaapzicht Estate/Southafrica - dry

An elegant and charming Cuvée - gorgeous, intense fruit aromas of currants and plums are combined with smoky tannins in a long-lasting taste.

0,75 l29,-

Amarone della Valpolicella

Classico DOCG Cantina Fratelli Zeni/Venetien - dry

A classic Italian wine art - fruity and full of the complex flavors of sweet berries, cherries and prunes in the intense pleasure. Sweetish vanilla with complex spicy notes in beautiful roasted aroma.

0,75 l49,-


Mare Magnum - Côtes du Rhône Villages, AOP - dry

Tour de Rhone - full-bodied with the aromas of cherries and red berries in pleasant fruity sweetness. Stimulating herbal notes harmoniously integrated.

0,75 l29,-

Sparkling Wines

Privat Label White Secco

Winery Pfaffmann/Pfalz – dry

The White Secco convinces with its fresh and lively way, the complex aromas of citrus fruits, ripe berries and apples. The finely tuned acidity harmonizes magnificently with delicate bubbles.

0,1 l4,-0,75 l23,-

Privat Label Rose Secco

Winery Pfaffmann/Pfalz - dry

A noble Rosé Secco with a wonderful range of flavors of strawberry, citrus and ripe red berries. For this purpose it has a fine and elegant Perlage.

0,1 l4,-0,75 l23,-

Althäuser Sekt

- dry -

A soft, fine sparkling wine with moderate acidity, which is highlighted by the elegant character of a fine-beaded mousse.

0,75 l20,-

1 glass of champagne

0,1 l9,5

Nicolas Feuillatte

Brut Reserve Champagne - France's Number One

40 % Pinot Noir · 40 % Pinot Meunier · 20 % Chardonnay
The perfect meeting of the three champagne grape varieties: Chardonnay gives the assemblage sophistication and elegance, Pinot Noir brings volume and Pinot Meunier ensures fruity notes, Aromas of ripe apples, pears and Curry in the nose. On the palate, finely beaded and strong with fine character.

0,75 l75,-

Nicolas Feuillatte

Brut Rose Champagne

10 % Chardonnay · 60 % Pinot Noir · 30 % Pinot Meunier Savoury fruity! A juicy prelude to the aromatic Aroma of red fruits redcurrants and raspberries. A finely beaded and harmonic finish

0,75 l75,-

Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial Champagne

Pleasantly vinous with hints of lime blossom. Tangy, lively aromas of citrus, berry and tropical fruit dress a fine beaded dress.

0,75 l85,-

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